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On the Phone

Accessory 1 has pioneered a mobility management lifecycle solution that has gained traction with the enterprise world by bringing together and maximizing the efficiency of the three elements of mobility hardware management, which consists of mobile device buybacks, replacement devices and accessories. 


By merging these together, we enable enterprise accounts and TEM's to turn in unwanted devices and receive credits for future accessory and replacement device orders. 

Talking on the Phone

Accessory 1 provides hardware solutions in each of these areas: 


1)  Accessories:  we standardize each clients' accessory needs to cut cost and virtually eliminate backorders.


2)  Device Replacement:  we source and drop ship from the entire 3rd party reseller industry in the US and China, rather than being limited by our inventory. 


3) Device Buybacks:  every device is independently and accurately diagnosed using PhoneCheck that ensures a fair evaluation of the true condition of each device.  We also offer value added services like motherboard incineration, liability release forms, and data destruction certificates.

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