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Custom upgrades on very hard to find devices: 

Two Technologies Inc. makes a special software for police departments that can only run on the (very hard to find) Samsung Note 3 and Note 5 and requires a fresh battery and brand new camera.


Accessory 1 partnered with a Hong Kong based refurbishing company to install Samsung OEM batteries, OEM replacement cameras, and upgrade the OS systems.  We are now their main source of supply.


Custom sourced cases that are paid with broken devices:

Intel Corporation needed a specific holster/case that was cleanroom certified-no micro particles could adhere to the case, but all cell phone cases today have felt or rubber, both of which attract tiny particles. 


Accessory 1 travelled to China and worked with case factories in the Guandoung province to create a case that could meet this requirement and we supplied them for the last eight years, beating out all other case competitors.  Intel pays for the cases by sending in their unwanted and broken devices with each migration, completely eliminating their accessory spend.


On Demand Overnight Device Replacement:

Dish Network wanted to add in home phone repair services to augment their cable TV installations as a value added revenue source.  Accessory 1 assisted by supplying thousands of repair parts and phones for the training program and we replaced all devices when the technician broke the end users device or it was unrepairable.  We were an invaluable partner in supporting Dish's efforts to be creative in this new space.


Using Buyback Devices to Fund Federal ELD Truck Mandates:

Quanta Services is one of the largest electrical construction contractors in the US.  When the US government required the ELD mandate that all over the road trucks needed to have a tablet installed in each truck that tracks and transmits various data. 


Quanta had a limited budget and wanted to use an older device and needed a rugged case, high powered charger and mount.  So they send in hundreds of old devices from all the subsidiaries for a large credit and then purchased large quantities of 2nd generation Tab E and Tab A devices, non-branded rugged cases, 2.4amp chargers and drill in locking truck dash mounts from us. 


We partnered with their TEM, Mobile Solutions who created an order portal that sent the orders to us and we managed the fulfillment, returns, replacements and invoicing.


On Demand Device Replacement of Older iPhone Saves Thousands: 

Source HOV help desk had a problem with users breaking their devices and needed an inexpensive iPhone 8 replacement that could be drop shipped directly to each user.  Because they were able to standardize the replacement device to just one model, Accessory 1 was able to stock up on these devices in advance at the best possible sourcing and pricing channel to save them money and guarantee same day overnight shipping.

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Upgrading Accessories and Implementing a Buyback during the Pandemic:

Fitness International sent all its US based workforce home during the C19 pandemic but they needed to upgrade them with an accessory package and have them turn in old phones.  We worked together to develop a cost effect case, charger, headset and screen protector package that we shipped out to 2800 employees now working from home.  Inside the box was a prepaid return label for them to send their devices back to us.  Once received, we issued a device credit against the accessory purchase and the entire project funded itself!

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