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*Zero retail packaging pledge means no retail boxes, no plastic windows glued to boxes, minimal bubble wrapping, bulk packed to maximum space utilization, lowest amount of energy needed to transport and lightest shipping weight possible.

*Pre-owned Certified:  By purchasing Pre-owned Certified products rather than new, customers can extend the life of the product, reduce electronic waste, and reduce the extraction of raw materials. These products are backed by the Titan Zero One Year Warranty.

*Direct shipment from the factory to Accessory 1 means no third-party warehousing and additional fuel burned by transporting between warehouses in the US.

*Lowest possible energy consumption and carbon burn reduced by 95% compared to retail packaged products 

*Exceeds the criteria of the Amazon Compact by Design program (whose products have still have some retail packaging and are delivered to multiple warehouses in the US before shipping to single end users.)

*UPS Carbon Neutral certified shippers.  Accessory 1 and UPS have partnered up to ship all orders using the carbon neutral option which supports project that offset the emissions of the shipment.

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