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Mike Shiley
Fearless Leader

Mike Shiley started his mobility career in 1994 with GTE Mobilnet (now Verizon) as a door to door salesperson.  This gave him the thick skin needed to succeed in this business.


In 2000, he was a business rep with Nextel and later Sprint where he earned his President’s Council award, Motorola Super Bowl Beach Party award (top tier Motorola equipment sales), and many other top sales achievements.


When Apple released the first smartphone, the iPhone 3G in 2008, Mike started a full-service mobile device buyback company that also provided refurbished devices and accessories.


Accessory 1 was launched during the depths of the 2008 Recession with no partners, no investors, no bank loans, and was operated from Shiley’s dining room table and the orders were packed in the garage. 


Today, Accessory 1 serves the mobility hardware needs for some of America’s largest and most successful companies like Snap Chat, Intel, Dish Network, Old Castle, ServiceMaster, American Airlines, Budweiser, Sunbit and many others.  We also work with the major carrier reps and TEMs.


In the 1990’s, Mike rode a bicycle from Vancouver BC to Cabo San Lucas, a 117-day epic adventure where he learned the meaning life, he trekked to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal, rafted the wildest rivers in the Himalayas, was a PADI certified scuba divemaster living in the Red Sea in Egypt.


Post 911, Shiley was a combat photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker covering the war in Iraq, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, US/Mexico immigration issues and many others.  His films have been inducted into the Smithsonian Institute and were multi-best documentary award winners.


Today, Shiley spends his winters in Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico or somewhere in the Caribbean and attends Burning Man each summer.


He lives in Portland, OR with his nephew and best friend, Steven Shiley.  In his spare time, Shiley buys and rehabilitates turn of the century Craftsman houses. 


On a sunny day you can find Mike and his dog, Ellie, boating or jet skiing on the rivers of Portland-way too fast!

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